Preparation work

First of all a strip is dug out along the wall down to the underside of the foundations. Then a hole is excavated at the place where the pile will be placed as indicated on the enclosed ground plan.

Carrying out the work

The client should make sure that there is a water connection near the excavation site. The client must maintain the ground water level below the underside of the excavation site. The pile is jacked centrally under the wall. The wall is used as the counterweight for this. The reaction required varies from 50 kN to 2000 kN depending on the structure, the pile specifications and the foundation. The removal of the excavated soil (if applicable) will be at the client's expense. If gravel layers have to be applied, it will not be possible to work at the usual low working height.


The pile is preloaded against the wall by using a mini screw jack or a flat jack. A steel or concrete sheet or beam can be put between the wall and the jack. The client should set the mini screw jack and the steel beam in concrete.


Before work is started on the next pile, the pile, which has just been put in place, has to be preloaded against the wall. The client will have carry out the excavation work at the same speed as the piling work.

Subject to alteration

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