In cases when piles have to go through existing cellar or basement floors, in the course of which the ground water level may come above the cellar or basement floor, first of all a steel casing tube is mounted onto the floor. Through this tube the cellar or basement floor is bored through. Then the pile can be driven in. After injecting the space between the pile and the floor with resin, the casing tube can be removed and the pile is finished off at the level of the cellar or basement floor. The injection resin remains flexible so that no leaks can occur as a result of differential settlement between the cellar or basement floor and the new structure.

Sequence of the work:

  1. Put the casing tube in position;
  2. a. If working from above: bore through from the ground floor;
    b. Bore through from the cellar or basement floor;
  3. Drive the pile;
  4. Inject with resin;
  5. Remove casing tube and finish off pile head.

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