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Preparation work

We supply 4 anchors and 4 nuts for each pile and grease for greasing the screw thread. If the order is placed no later than five days, before the anchors will be used, they will be delivered free of charge.

The client is requested to store the anchors in a dry place to prevent rust forming on the screw thread.

We strongly advise the client to poke with a steel bar deep enough to be able to locate any obstacles in the ground before the concrete floor is cast.

If the ground water level is above the underside of the floor, one or more extra holes will be required for pumping.

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Alignment work

The anchors must be aligned exactly in accordance with the dimensions given and perpendicular to the top surface of the floor. Therefore th holes in the formwork from which the anchors are suspended must fit exactly onto the anchor (without any play). The tops of the anchors must be at the same height for each hole. If this is not possible, please contact us.

After the formwork has been removed, the client should screw the nuts onto the anchors. This is necessary to protect the screw thread.










Carrying out the work

The client should make sure that there is a water connection near the concrete floor.

The client must maintain the ground water level below the underside of the floor at the lowest lying pile hole.

The removal of the excavated soil will be at the client's expense.

We deliver the pile head at the height of the underside of the floor . After the pile has been driven, we burn of the anchors and if neccesary we will also burn of the the stel tube at the top of the pile.

Concreting the holes is not included in our work.

If necessary the pile can be connected under a preload to the concrete floor at the additional charge applying at the time.