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For the purposes of this document the following definitions shall apply:

Specialist: Contractor for Piling, Diaphragm Walling, Ground Engineering and other Special Foundation Works

Client: Employer or Main Contractor directly employing the Specialist

The following attendances and facilities shall be provided and maintained by the Client at all times (including additional working hours if necessary) for the duration of and in relation to the specialist works, free of charge to the Specialist and in a manner so as not to disrupt or restrict the regular progress of the specialist works. In the event of such facilities not being provided to the Specialist's satisfaction; the Specialist reserves the right to provide them and to charge the client for the cost of providing the facilities and for any consequent delays.

The Client shall be responsible for:-

1. Notices. Giving all notices and obtaining all necessary approvals, licences and sanctions, including but not limited to any wayleaves, easements, possessions, rights of way or access.

2. Rates and Fees. Payment of any rates or fees which may become payable due to the occupation and/or execution of the specialist works.

3. Protection. Protection of the works where taken over by other traders or contractors or where the specialist has left site.

4. Watching. Provision of security to safeguard the site and the specialist works, including, for example, offices, plant, equipment, and materials.

5. Fencing, Hoardings, etc. Provision of hoardings, fences, noise and splash barriers, statutory warnings, flagmen or the like as necessary to protect the works, plant, materials, personnel, third party property, and the general public.

6. Clearance. Provision of adequate clearance around working positions for the Specialist's operations and equipment including suffient room for deliveries, storage and materials as well as protection to adjacent works and third party property. The minimum clearance to be agreed.

7. Working Area/Hardstandings. Full and free access to a suitably prepared working area which will have a firm, dry, hard, all weather surface. This shall provide an adequate working space, including staging and storage where necessary, prepared and maintained in a manner suitable for safe working of mobile plant and equipment, and transport. Proper account must be taken of the weight of plant and equipment.

8. Access Roads. Provision and maintenance of adequate means of access from a hard road to the working/hardstanding and storage areas. Provision of all weather working surfaces between working/hardstanding areas and storage areas for safe movement of mobile plant and equipment and transport; all ramps should be to a gradient not steeper than 1 in 10.

9. Surface Water and Groundwater. Any pumping or drainage required to keep the site free of surface water or any water and slurry arising from the operations.

10. Offices and Storage. Provision and subsequent removal if required of adequate firm, dry, reasonably level working areas, prepared and maintained in a manner for the safe operation and erection of plant. Conveniently situated areas on site for storage of plant, equipment and materials for offices, sheds and the manufacture of reinforcing cages, tie backs, etc prepared and maintained as for the access roads.

11. Hazardous Materials. Provision for storage of petroleum, gas bottles, explosives, flammable and other hazardous materials as may be required and arranging for the requisite licence.

12. Telephone Facilities. Provision of site telephone and fax facilities.

13. Health and Safety. Provision of welfare and safety facilities to comply with statutory regulations or rules, orders or regulations of any authority having powers related to the specialist works.

14. Life-Saving Appliances. Provision and maintenance of proper and efficient life-saving appliances at all times including safety boats and boatmen, where necessary.

15. Temporary Lighting Suitable background and task lighting to working areas to allow safe working and safe access and egress to facilitate execution of the specialist works.

16. Water Supply. Provision within the working, storage and preparatory operation areas of clean water supply at take off points with sufficient pressure and rate of flow for the operations including (where applicable) charging of bores, bentonite/drilling fluid mixing, concrete mixing and cleaning of plant.

17. Electricity. Provision within the working, storage and preparatory areas, of suitable power take-off points and power.

18. Traffic. Control or diversion of road, rail or water borne traffic. Installation, maintenance and removal of all necessary road signs.

19. Existing Services. Clear and substantive setting out, marking or exposing on site the exact location of existing underground and overhead works and services and providing a drawing on which their positions in line and level are accurately plotted relative to the specialist works. Adequate protection, diversion or removal of such works or services in order to prevent damage from the specialist's operations. The location and plugging off of all disused pipes or ducts in order to prevent the entry of concrete, grout or drilling fluids during construction.

20. Shoring/underpinning. Shoring and underpinning as necessary, including the removal, replacement or adjustment of timbering or shoring which may impede the specialist's operations.

21. Protection of Adjacent Buildings/Equipment. Provision for the protection of buildings/sensitive equipment in the vicinity of the site.

22. Obstructions. Prior removal of overhead, surface or underground obstructions which may affect or impede the specialist's operations or quality of the works and backfilling of excavations and voids with a suitable material which will not obstruct or be deleterious to the works but will ensure the stability of the specialist's plant etc.

23. Unexpected Obstructions. Removal of unexpected man made obstructions (including archaeological items) and reimbursement of additional costs, including delays, to the specialist works.

24. Toxic Materials. Adequate provision for removal, or containment of, or protection from toxic materials encountered.

25. Setting Out. Clear and substantive setting out and maintenance of individual pile/panel/drilling positions as necessary throughout the contract and the provision of permanent levels, datum points, base lines and structural grid lines. Client to provide Specialist with document confirming the above.

26. Checking. Checking the positions and cut-off levels of all piles /panels etc, during progress of the work, on completion of the work (where practicable) and before the specialist's plant has left site.

27. Materials. Provision of materials if required under the contract in the specified quality and necessary quantity to avoid delay to the specialist works.

28. Removal of Material. Removal and disposal of excavated or displaced material including mud slurry and excess concrete from around the specialist operation in sufficient time to prevent the formation of spoil heaps impeding the specialist's operations. This shall include the full time attendance of an excavator, backhoe, or trucks (or similar), with operators, to each rig for all operation purposes.

29. Wheel and Road Cleaning. Manned wheel-cleaning facilities and/or road-cleaning as necessary.

30. Schedule of Dilapidations. Preparation of a Schedule of Dilapidations before the commencement and after the completion of the specialist works.